Monday, July 31, 2017

FAQ Photoshoot for Model TFP + Fashion Blogger

NOTICE: Only NFLYC Clothing images will be featured on  However, TFP can still involve non-NFLYC branded clothing.

Hi, just to answer a few questions some of you might have...

MODELS: Female 5’7” & up | Male 5’10” & up (Must be Experienced) FASHION BLOGGERS (In Exchange for NFLYC Instagram Post): Must have atleast 300 likes per post

Are the TFP pictures print quality?
- Yes, they are 18 megapixel photos, that can be printed up to 11x14 and even for billboard
- I use 2 cameras for my photography
- 1 for day-time printable portraits
- 1 for night-time events that can still print at 11x14 but not for billboard

Will I get the print quality photos?
- Yes, you will get all the original useable jpgs (in focus pictures) of the shoot.  That's the purpose of TFP (Time-For-Print)

Is the NFLYC shirt photoshoot at the end mandatory?
- No, although it is appreciated.

Why are you shooting photos if you have a clothing label?
- Marketing + exposure, plain and simple.

Why do I have to sign a photo release?
- A lot of work goes in to scheduling, shooting, editing and posting the images.  They must be of professional quality to reflect the NFLYC brand.

Does that mean, you won't take down pictures if I ask you to?
- You can always request to have your images taken down.  If it is necessary, then yes, they will be taken down.
Why are you looking for experienced people only?
- The fashion industry has a lot of pros and cons.  Working with people who are already experienced with those issues is preferred.

Outfits for shoot should all be "socially acceptable."  NFLYC has both young adults and teenagers as an audience, so the content must be parent-approved.

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