Saturday, November 19, 2016

Loving Vincent: World's First Painted Feature Film in the style of Vincent Van Gogh

Loving Vincent - the world's first fully painted feature film!

Loving Vincent is the world's first fully painted feature film produced by Oscar-winning studios Breakthru Films and Trademark Films.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Observations of how Instagram works.  The secret rules that govern a successful Instagram page that theoretically explains why Instagram users do what they do.  And what needs to be done to have a good Instagram Page.

These are some notes discovered while building out an Instagram page. There are little nuances noticed while using Instagram.  This is just a first draft and will be updated as time progresses.

Hashtags get likes and a few followers
Most Instagram users look through hashtag listings and like a Photo, but will never actually go to your Instagram page.   
  • It seems they are either liking your photo to get their name on your post to get seen by other people checking out your content or to get you to check out there instagram page.
  • or they are ACTUALLY saving it for later to check out.

Some followers unfollow you after you follow them
Some people who visit your page will follow you either to...
  • have you follow them
  • or are interested in your content.
So why do they unfollow?  
  •   Instagram has a limit of allowing you to follow 2,000 people, unless you have 2,000 followers also.
An instagram user who is following way more than is followed is a...
  • supposed "turn off" to prospective future followers.
  • Makes the user look "uncool" 
Common sense dictates, those who are followed more than are following are "more important."  See how a celebrity's page looks and you'll understand.  If you really want to know how cool the instagram user is, check to see how many likes they get on their posts...although that can be faked as well.

Value of Unpopular # Hashtags
  • Popular hashtags have so many new posts, your posts will get pushed off the first page faster
  • Unpopular hashtags have very few posts, so you're posts will remain visible long after you post
Networking is key to getting followers
Update: Recently, I've been going to more events and finding quite simply, follows from people you met stay.   If you want people to follow you, you may have to make some real friends first.  Or, post up sexy pics, lol, I kid.

A lot of people in the YouTube community do cross  content creation.  Meaning they'll collaborate on a video together and "shout out" each other on their YouTube pages.  

Instagram is the same.  The more friends you have that will cross promote with you, the more audiences you will be exposed too and will result in more visitors to your site.

Consistent Content is still King / Queen!
In the end, people come to see the content.  If they like the content, they will "forward it" and it can possibly go viral.  
  • Scheduled Content Activity is key.   Slowly releasing content over time is good because...
  • Scheduling provides consistent fresh content to your followers overtime and a reason for them to subscribe.
  • It doesn't clog your user's feeds with too many of your posts at once.
Ultimately, the more quality content and interesting information, the more people will follow you.  Just like a good TV show, magazine, or blog.  Same Concept. 


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